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PNB Innovation Clubs in School

PNB Innvoation Clubs in School (PICS) are local hubs that provide resources and support for students, startups and entrepreneurs, helping to accelerate the creation of new companies, jobs, and growth of the local ecosystem.

PNB  Ventures To  Accelerators

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. It requires being extraordinary in an ordinary world. You need to be obsessed with your idea. Believing is not enough. You need to know with absolute certainty that you will prevail. Do you think you have what it takes to succeed?

We are here to give you access to strong mentors, technical guidance, and more tools to work with as you build your company and realize your dream.

The accelerators will be  located in startup hubs around in  Liberians School, especially Secondary Schools.

Customer Access Program

Customer Access Program (CAP) connects our IT Clubs to customers and their brands to some of today's most promising market and investors.


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