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Maintain and modernize business-critical mainframe applications

Most mainframe applications were developed more than 20 years ago. In today’s real-time business environment, that can make them complex and expensive to maintain. These problems are compounded by lack of up-to-date documentation and the attrition of knowledgeable engineers.


PHP vs ASP.net Comparison

A comparison of PHP (Open Source) vs ASP.net (Commercial), Performance, Cost, Scalability, Support and Complexity

There are hundreds of forum debates and articles on the Internet about whether PHP or ASP.net is a better platform. Unfortunately, most opinions are biased and their preference is typically based on promoting one programming language over the other.


Ruby on Rails vs PHP Comparison

A comparison of Ruby on Rails (Open Source) vs PHP (Open Source), Performance, Cost, Scalability, Support, and Complexity.

First, let’s try to understand why you want to choose a specific technology.


Web Application Frameworks, Comparison and Benchmarks

Glue Framework vs Full Stack Framework, Performance and Benchmark Comparison of PHP MVC Frameworks: Comentum Framework, CodeIgniter, Zend Framework, CakePHP, Yii, Kohana, DooPHP


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