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Deepen insights into Java with open platforms center of excellence

PNB, Liberia,  Open Platforms Center of Excellence is an innovation lab that gives businesses insight into the latest Java technologies and capabilities through our delve, distill and disseminate methodology.

Our experts delve into data stores, Java 8 and functional languages, distill key information, and disseminate insights and lessons learned on how to best apply technologies in specific business contexts.


Our experts investigate, test and determine business case applicability for Java 8, functional languages such as Scala, NoSQL and data stores such as Cassandra. We also assess and recommend next-generation data stores, engineer scalable, fault-tolerant systems, and integrate event-driven policy and reinsurance systems.


We filter out the noise to provide a distilled, objective perspective of the capabilities and performance characteristics of Java technologies. Developers and customers use this information to better understand the production readiness of their environments.


We share lessons learned and advise how to best apply technologies in specific business contexts with our larger developer community, technology partners and customers. In addition, we codify best practices in the form of reusable assets and make them available via integrated development environments such as Java Eclipse.


Native vs Hybrid / PhoneGap App Development Comparison

A comparison of native app development (iPhone: Objective-C / Swift, Android: Java) vs hybrid / PhoneGap app development (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript)

Native app development means using the native programming languages of the devices to build the app. For iPhone, the native programming language is Objective C and the new Swift. For Android, the native programming language is Java. 

Hybrid apps are developed using web technologies: HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, then put inside a native container such Adobe PhoneGap. These native containers run the web application code and package it into an app.

Both technologies: hybrid (HTML5, CSS and Javascript) and native can creates apps that are downloadable for iPhone and Android, at Google Play or apple iTunes app Store.


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