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Ophthalmic Training Program

The Ophthalmic Training Program, Liberia benefited from Corporate Branding, Business Content Profiling, Website Development, Electronic Medical Record (Hospital Management Information) that automates Patient Registration, Laboratory, Doctor Consultancy, etc  Goto Project site, and other intranet application at the Ophthalmic Training Progrom NSEC Liberia

A physician-focused developed application, specialist-oriented, efficient EduEMR that will help physician’s ability to meet the increased reporting demands, satisfy patient needs, and run a financially successful practice. Gathered here are steps that practices must consider to help facilitate successful EMR selection and implementation.


The provision of quality and comprehensive eye health education for all.


To equip our students with the knowledge, attitudes and skills required for the prevention and management of eye disorders and the maintenance of quality ophthalmic health, which is within the competence of a qualified Ophthalmic Nurse.


To provide quality ophthalmic education gearing toward the reduction of preventable blindness, visual impairment and rehabilitation of those irreversible blind in rural and urban communities throughout Liberia



Our philosophy is derived from Imogone King open system theory of nursing which is based on the premise that: “Man’s state of health is determined by a multitude of factors, physical, biological, economical, psychological, cultural and political within his environment”. It is necessary to conceptualize the individual and the environment as open systems engaged in continual dynamic interactions.

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