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Legal Case Management

Legal Case Management Solution is built on top of its Adaptive Case Management Framework. It enables Legal Firms and Corporate Legal Departments modernize operations, helping them move away from paper and manpower intensive operations. The Newgen Case Management Framework is adept in handling investigative style of case handling, which is critical in handling legal work

The solution empowers legal entities with the following features:

  • Robust task management system wherein Department Heads can route cases and work assigned with a case depending on skill-set, knowledge expertise, bandwidth and team collaboration required
  • Dynamic routing of work or change in existing routing for real time collaboration on cases
  • Automation of core legal case management process along with its supporting processes like Meeting, Visit, Expense and Bill to track all the activities performed in achieving the case completion and delivery
  • Inbuilt tools & features for Contract Management, Fee Calculator, Effort Tracker, Capacity Tracker and Time Sheet are provided for better manageability, tracking, reporting and traceability
  • Integrated with standard accounting software’s like Navision etc for exchanging billing and collection related information
  • Provision to split the drafting work for collaborative working by multiple resources on a single case



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