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PNB offers a scalable and robust Document Management based On-Screen Marking solution to help educational institutions increase efficiency and reduce costs around assessing physical examination documents. The Solution effectively automates and streamlines handling of physical documents; enabling educational institutions to transform their traditional paper based examination evaluation systems 

 PNB Liberia On-Screen Marking System

Digitized Assessments

Comprehensively evaluate physical examination answer scripts by automating their marking and scoring.

Enhanced Accuracy

Enable an accurate, simple, secure and efficient process by ensuring authentication based assessments, comments, annotations and reviews.

Optimized Processing

Effectively bring down the cost of assessments with the help of automation and also bring down costs associate with physical management of documents.

PNB On-Screen Marking System offers numerous benefits for Education Boards and Universities

Real-time monitoring of marking process

Rich and intuitive interface for examiners to replicate actual marking

Elimination of errors related to incorrect tabulation and recording of marks

Secure storage and management of scanned answer scripts

Reduced turnaround times

Improved quality and consistency of evaluation


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